Series 12


Series 12 Collection

The Series 12 Collection delivers indirect/direct illumination. This luminaire is ideal for budget-conscious projects and features multiple engine options and independent control of uplight and downlight.

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Series 12 Collection

Series 12

Pendant 2E, 3E, 4E 

Series 12 Wall Mount

Wall Mount 2E 

Product Spotlight

Series 12 Curved Endcap Option

Curved Endcap Optional 

Flat Endcap comes as standard

Series 12 available in White Cross Baffle, Parabolic Louver, and Diffuser Center Optic louvers

3 Louver Aesthetics 

White Cross Baffle (WCB), Parabolic Louver (PLV), Diffuse Center Optic (DCO)

Series 12 available in mulitple distribution patterns such as 20U80D, 30U70D and 40U60D

Multiple Distribution Patterns 

10% Uplight 90% Downlight, 20% Uplight 80% Downlight, 30% Uplight 70% Downlight, 40% Uplight 60% Downlight


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Lighting Layouts
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Cross Sections

* Pendant photometries apply to Wall Mount

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