HP-2 D installed at BKM

Our Contribution to a Better Future

At Finelite, environmental sustainability is a core principle that goes far beyond energy-efficient lighting products. We build sustainability into everything we do. We're committed to developing solutions and best practices that enable high-performance buildings, reducing the environmental impact of our own operations; transforming how people live and work.

Over 90 percent of Finelite's luminaires are third-party verified Red List Approved

Delivering Product Transparency

Finelite is the first lighting manufacturer to third-party verify the majority of its portfolio of luminaires and enroll them in the International Living Future Institute’s Declare 2.0 Program. Over 90% of our portfolio has received third-party verified Red List Approved and Declared labels to ensure the utmost transparency and accuracy in our claims.

Reduce reuse and recycle are ways Finelite is reducing carbon emissions

Committed to Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

At Finelite, our close attention to every detail of the supply chain allows us to continually improve. Our commitment to reducing carbon emissions is exemplified by our decision to work with strategic partners. Our reuse and recycle material handling approach allows us to reduce landfill waste in our Northern California area by up to 93%.

Finelite HQ manufacturing

Committed to Lean Manufacturing

Our lean Just in Time Six Sigma approach to manufacturing and our strategic material supply chain allows us to deliver superior quality from a combined 230,083 square foot California manufacturing operation. We are capable of delivering up to 3 miles of linear feet of fixtures per day with a 99.9% execution rate and industry-leading lead time of 10-working day ship.

LED lights go in our products and are built to last

Efficient Products that are Built to Last

Our mid-power and system-based approach has created an optimally sustainable and highly efficient design comprised of up to 89% recycled material and designed to deliver up to 90% of initial light output at 100,000 hours of operation and 70% of initial light output at 200,000 hours of operation.

Our job pack design reduces onsite waste

Reducing Onsite Waste

Reducing the amount of waste on your project site is an important part of a sustainable approach and begins with our design process. Our current job pack design not only saves you time, money, and resources but also reduces on-site waste by 66%, for all Series product offerings.

Finelite is committed to a greener future

Committed to a Greener Future

At Finelite, we continue to seek new goals and implement new strategies to improve our processes to create more efficient, comfortable, and safe environments.

Legrand is committed to corporate social responsibility

Legrand's commitment to corporate social responsibility - supporting our associates, customers, and the environment.

Legrand on Sustainability