HP-4 Wet Location


HP-4 Wet Location Collection

The High Performance 4” Wet Location (HP-4 WL) delivers uniform illumination with a clean linear aesthetic of standard HP-4. Approved for wet location, the 4-inch-wide luminaire is built to withstand the elements of the outdoors and is IP65 and IK10 rated. This luminaire is free of visible attachment hardware and is offered in continuous runs and independent section lengths.

IP65 Badge
IK10 Badge

HP-4 Wet Location Collection

Product Spotlight

  • HP-4_WL_ETLWL_Spotlight

    Wet Location Listed 

    Designed to be a robust linear lighting solution for variable environments

  • HP-4_WL_IP65IK10_Spotlight

    Water, Dust, and Impact Resistant 

    Built to withstand the elements of the outdoors

  • HP-4_WL_CleanLinear_Spotlight

    Clean Linear Aesthetic 

    Companion to standard HP-4 and free of visible attachment hardware

  • HP-4_WL_Feedwire_Spotlight

    Feed Through Wiring 

    Allows installing contractors to easily create continuous water-tight runs

  • HP-4_WL_GORE_Spotlight

    Integral GORE Protective Vent 

    Allows air to pass through but prevents water, salt, corrosive liquids and particulates from getting inside