HO4 Open Aperture Collection

The HO4 collection features a fully illuminated open interior that provides architectural depth. This luminaire is equipped with an integral LED driver design, a state-of-the-art rectilinear polymer reflector, indirect optics, tailorable lengths from 2'-12' in 1' increments, and fully illuminated corners.

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Product Spotlight

HO4 Open Aperture and Rectilinear Shape

Open Aperture and Rectilinear Shape 

Inner optical design follows the form of exterior housing

HO4 Polymer Reflector

Unique Polymer Reflector

State-of-the-art material that improves performance and reduces the presence of seams

HO4 Sculpted Endcap

Sculpted Endcap

Artistically tapered open endcaps that accentuate rectilinear form factor

HO4 Fully Illuminated Corners

Fully Illuminated Corners

Displaying a unique design aesthetic with seamless 90 degree illuminated corners

HO4 High Efficacy

High Efficacy

A mid-power approach resulting in lifetimes of L90 @ 100,000+ hours