HP-WS Perimeter Slot installed at Pike's Peak Summit Complex in Colorado Springs

Compliance Made Easy

When you incorporate a Finelite product into your building plans, you’re using a product that’s designed with energy efficiency and occupant wellness in mind. It’s our mission to ensure that all of our lighting solutions are designed to meet as many industry requirements as possible.

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Over 90% of our portfolio has received third-party verified Red List Approved and Declared labels. Declare is a voluntary self-disclosure program designed by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) which aims to transform the building materials industry towards healthier products through transparency.

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Created by the U.S. Green Building Council as a means of promoting more environmentally-friendly design in the construction of new buildings. Our products can count towards LEED certification in buildings by fulfilling standards such as reducing light pollution, providing versatility in light controls using sensors, and optimizing and minimizing energy performance.

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Well Building Institute

WELL is a certification program dedicated towards promoting building occupant health and wellness. Using our products can earn you points to receiving WELL certification for your building. The Lighting category is just one part of the full WELL building picture that includes 11 requirements for visual design, circadian design, glare-free lighting, color quality, and more.

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Our products can act as one piece of the puzzle in constructing a building that achieves net-zero energy consumption - meaning that your building will be producing as much energy as it consumes. This can be achieved by using products that limit energy consumption.

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Title 24 is the sixth section of the California Energy Code that states that all residential and non-residential buildings must only use a capped number of watts per linear foot of luminaires to reduce energy consumption. Our products are highly efficient and can be tailored to your exact light output requirements to help you achieve project goals.

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An Addendum to the California Energy Code - JA8 is a subsection of Title 24 that lists specific requirements a light source must meet to qualify as residential lighting. This includes points like CRI > 90, CCT < 4000k, R9 > 50, and 6 other categories. We’re proud to say that our products have qualified under these standards.

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