HP-6 Standard Collection


HP-6 Standard Collection

The High Performance 6" (HP-6) luminaire provides uniform illumination with a clean aesthetic ideal for high ceiling applications. The Collection unleashes design freedom through Tailored Lighting, using length, angle, configuration, control, color, and output to seamlessly integrate into the architectural expression. These luminaires use an advanced optical design and mid-power LEDs, achieving 90% of initial light output at 100,000+ hours.

Declare and Third Party Verified
10-Year LED Warranty Badge
tunable White

Product Spotlight

  • HP6_Tailorability_Spotlight

    Tailored Angles and Configurations

    Fully-illuminated corners of greater than 60° and less than 180° in a single plane

  • HP6_LowGlare_Spotlight

    Low Glare Diffuser

    Enhancing visual comfort and task uniformity

  • HP6_EnhancedOutput_Spotlight

    Enhanced Output (EO) Option

    Ideal for high ceilings applications providing high lumen output 

  • HP6_Airreturn_Spotlight

    Supports Air Return

    Maximizing air flow and helping reduce the number of ceiling vents for a cleaner ceiling appearance

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