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HPT Collection

The HPT collection delivers direct illumination and outstanding performance with maximum visual comfort. The sophisticated design reveals a distinguished skylight aesthetic and features a 1.5” regressed diffuser that creates a seamless elegant transition from ceiling plane to the luminaire.

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HPT Collection

HPT 2x2

2x2 Recessed, Surface Mount, Pendant Mount 

HPT 3x3

3x3 Recessed

HPT 4x4

4x4 Recessed

Product Spotlight

1 1/2 inch regressed diffuser with seamless corners

Regressed Diffuser with Seamless Corners 

Luminaire displays a skylight effect from below

HPT comes in 4x4, 3x3, and 2x2 feet

2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 Sizes 

Designed to accommodate various ceiling types and  enhance creative flexibility

2x2 feet has a maximum of 6671 lumens and up to 118 lumens per watt

High Performance (2x2 Data) 

Designed to accommodate low to high ceiling applications

HPT Tunable White Luminaires

Tunable White Light 

Transition from 2700K-6500K to mimic daylight and enhance the skylight aesthetic

ALCR only available for HPT 2x2

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