HP-2 Standard Collection


HP-2 Standard Collection

The HP-2 Collection delivers a 2'' line of light. This platform delivers uniform illumination with a clean aesthetic using an advanced optical design and mid-power LEDs, achieving 90% of initial light output at 100,000+ hours. This Collection features a powder-coated aluminum extrusion that allows for fully-illuminated corners and seamless, continuous runs.

Declare and Third Party Verified
10-Year LED Warranty
tunable White

HP-2 Product Spotlight

  • HP-2 Downlight Optical Performance - DAO shown


    Downlight Optical Performance

    Downlight Asymmetric Optic (DAO) and Downlight Spread Optic (DSO)

  • HP-2_Uplight_Performance_Spotlight

    Uplight Optical Performance

    Indirect Widespread and Asymmetric Optics

  • HP-2_Louvers

    Unique Louver Options

    White Cross Blade Baffle, Hollowed Ellipse Louver, and Hex Louver

  • HP-2_Aesthetic_Lens_Options

    Aesthetic Lens Options

    1" Drop Down Lens, 1" Regress, Flush, Bottom Glow, and Top Glow

  • HP-2_Tailorability

    Tailored Angles and Configurations

    Fully illuminated corners of greater than 60° and less than 180° in a single plane

  • HP-2_Uplight_Source_Identification_TG

    Uplight Source Identification

    Flush and Top Glow