Perimeter Collection

HP-WS Perimeter Slot

Perimeter Collection

The Perimeter collection includes Perimeter Slot and Wall Grazer direct luminaires. Designed to accommodate straight runs and corner applications with pre and post-ceiling installation types, this collection is ideal for emphasizing feature-wall vertical surfaces or to create a wash of light at the transition between wall and ceiling planes.

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Product Collection

HP-2 WS Spotlight

HP-2 WS Tailored Lengths

Tailored Lengths

12' max section lengths available and tailored accuracy down to a 1/16"

HP-2 WS Telescoping

Adjustable Illuminated Telescoping

Optional illuminated telescoping provides on-site adjustability of up to 11” for a perfect fit

HP-2 WS Pre-Built Corner

Factory Built Corners

Factory built plug-together fully illuminated 90º inside and outside corners that ship in an all-in-one box for easy installation

HP-2 WS End Cap Options

Endcap Options

Flat and Pocket-Slot endcaps are available with both Pre and Post ceiling installation methods

HP-WS & HP-WG Spotlight

Perimeter Size

Regressed Optic Options 

Available in 2", 4", and 6" to achieve design intent

Optional Telescopic

Optional Telescoping for HP-WS 

Provides up to 12-inches of additional luminaire to achieve a custom fit

Fully Illuminated Corner

Fully Illuminated Corners for HP-WS 

Equipped with precision tapered optics for uniform illumination in corners

Post-Ceiling Threaded-Rod

Simplified Installation Methods 

Pre-Ceiling Wall Mount and Post-Ceiling Threaded-Rod Mounting available

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