HP-2 Micro Louver


HP-2 Micro Louver
HP-2 Micro Louver

The HP-2 Micro Louver luminaire enhances visual comfort and maximizes glare control. This luminaire delivers omni-directional glare control and provides a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) as low as 10. Allowing for unique design flexibility, the HP-2 Micro Louver is available in black or white finishes, continuous runs, independent segments tailorable in 1’ increments, and provides the option to be paired with illuminated and non-illuminated sections.

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HP-2 Micro Louver Photometry D-MLW-CS-V-835-F
HP-2 Micro Louver Cross Section D-V-835
HP-2 Micro Louver Photometry D-MLB-CS-V-835-F
HP-2 Micro Louver Cross Section D-V-835
HP-2 Micro Louver Photometry D-V-835-F
HP-2 Micro Louver Photometry ID-V-V-835-F-F

Micro Louver Collection

HP-2 Micro Louver Pendant Indirect Direct


HP-2 Micro Louver Direct


HP-2 Micro Louver Recessed


HP-2 Micro Louver Surface Mount

Surface Mount

Product Spotlight

HP-2 Micro Louver Omni-Directional Glare Control

Omni-Directional Glare Control

Supports WELL V2 LO4 and provides luminance not exceeding 2500 cd/m^2 above the 45° viewing angle

Architectural Grade Finishes

Architectural Grade Finishes

HP-2 Micro Louver is available in black or white to enhance performance and elevate design aesthetic

Continuous and Segmented Design

Continuous and Segmented

Specified as a continuous run or segmented with illuminated or non-illuminated sections

Pair HP-2 Micro Louver With Acoustics

Pair With Acoustics

Combine with a variety of Acoustic housing options to create unique combinations


Omni-Directional Glare Control

HP-2 Micro Louver is an advanced optical solution equipped with a deep 1" recessed design that conceals the light source and provides superior high angle glare cutoff.


HP-2 Micro Louver UGR



10'0" luminaire height. Seated observer eye height is at 3.9'.

HP-2 Micro Louver Layout for Black and White Micro Louvers



Minimized luminance values above 45º reduce eyestrain while supporting task performance and comfort.

HP-2 Micro Louver Luminance Values