Daylight Sensor Pack

The FineTune TCS Daylight Sensor Pack (DSP) adds the ability to utilize the Layer Pack's two additional control zones. These two additional zones connect to luminaires within the daylight zones. The DSP connects up to two daylight sensors which are placed in the corresponding daylight zone within that space. The DSP plugs into the FineTune TCS BUS network and provides daylight data to all Layer Packs on that shared BUS.

  • UL Badge
  • ASHRAE Badge
  • badges title 24
  • IES Selection 2019 Badge
  • badge static white
  • Tunable White Luminaires Badge

Daylight Sensor Pack Specifications

  • Catalog Code: FTCS-DSP
  • DSP Power: 24V @16mA
  • Must connect to at least one Layer Pack to power device
  • UL 2043 - Plenum Rated
  • Connects into BUS using standard CAT5
  • Only one Daylight Sensor Pack is needed per space
  • 5-Year Warranty

Daylight Sensor Specifications

  • Power: 30mA @24VDC
  • Protocol: 0-10VDC
  • Full Range Dimming
  • UL and cUl Listed
  • 5-Year Warranty

Note: Finelite provides Wattstopper LS-301 closed loop Daylight Sensors

Daylight sensors should be placed in each designated daylight zone according to electrical plans. Each daylight sensor will connect via CAT5 back to its corresponding Daylight port on the Daylight Sensor Pack.