A proprietary version of DMX that Finelite utilizes to achieve smooth transitions and ultra granular dimming down to 0.1% for static white and Tunable White. The FMX Layer Pack lighting controls send digital data to the luminaires and are the interface for all low voltage user controls. Each FMX Layer Pack controls a zone or "layer of light" and can be used in conjunction with 0-10V Layer Packs. Luminaires utilizing FMX Layer Packs will be connected to constant hot building power.

  • UL Badge
  • ASHRAE Badge
  • badges title 24
  • Tunable White Luminaires Badge
  • badge static white


  • Catalog Code: FTCS-LP-FMX
  • 120/277VAC ~ 50/60 Hz
  • 24V Power Supply @ 300mA
  • UL2043 - Plenum Rated
  • UL924 - Emergency Device
  • UL916 - Energy Management Equipment
  • 5-Year Warranty

Note: FMX Layer Packs do not work with other DMX luminaires or DMX devices

FMX System Diagram

FMX System Diagram