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Whether you work with us as lighting representatives, installation contractors, or lighting designers - Finelite works to make your job easier.


You can count on Finelite to be a dedicated and trusted partner whose "can do" attitude get jobs completed, making sure you get what you ask for.

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Contractors are the last stop to enjoying a beautifully illuminated space. Finelite makes sure our solutions are easy-to-install and service. Our support team is here to make this last step as efficient as possible.

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Finelite helps our partners innovate without sacrificing cost, quality, or time. We set industry standards when it comes to delivery and support – nearly 100% of Finelite orders are considered standard, shipping in 10-working days, and our award-winning products are backed by our 10-year, performance-based warranty.

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Finelite strives to be forward-thinking partners, and this is demonstrated in the standards we set, courses we teach, lighting community involvement, and research-driven products we deliver. And this reflects in the solutions we offer.

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