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Service and Execution Like No Other

Our mission has not changed since day one. At Finelite, we keep contractors front and center. We are dedicated to optimizing all of our products to deliver the easiest installation experience. The end result will save you time and money while guaranteeing your customers a perfectly installed lighting system built to last decades.

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Contractor-First Approach

Decade long relationships with electrical contractors give us the advantage when it comes to product development. Understanding your pain points and what it takes to get your job completed successfully allows us to design contractor friendly solutions.


Tested as a Complete System

Before shipping your order, all orders are mechanically pre-assembled and electrically tested no matter the size, eliminating any preventable field issues. We understand that your time is money, which is why we ship complete systems pre-built with plug-and-play wiring for quick installation at the site.


Unique ID Label

Every luminaire on every job, dating back to 1991, features its own Unique ID label. This labeling method allows us to follow every fixture from start to finish. If a field problem arises, locate the fixture ID label and contact us. We’ll provide you with everything you need.


Logical Logistics

We can map out ID numbers on your plans and palletize them by phase, wing, or floor.  Packed on pallets in sequence from top-to-bottom, all you have to do is sort the pallets on-site, then grab and go.

Plug and Play

Install by Number

Fixtures are supplied with an individual unique ID number. Using the provided detailed Record Drawing the fixtures install in sequence complete with pre-wire electrical plug together connectors.


Detailed Instructions

Easy-to-identify instruction sheets and a copy of the record drawings come with every order. You can also find online instructions readily available on any of our product pages.


Project Management

Working together with your local agent and our Account Managers, we can assist your team in optimizing your bill of material to take advantage of our many labor-saving features for an efficient, trouble-free, and cost-effective installation.


Field Service Support

Are you at a job site with questions that need answers fast? Are you looking for warranty support? We pride ourselves on the level of support we provide years after a job has been completed.

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