HP-2 Recessed at Richardson Innovation Centre with the Declare Third Party Verified logo

Committed to Product Transparency

Our Declare 2.0 initiative supports you in achieving green building standards, such as LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge. We are the first lighting manufacturer to third-party verify over 90% of our portfolio ensuring the utmost transparency and accuracy in our claims.

  • Declare and Third Party Verified
  • LBC Badge
  • Red List Free
  • LEED Badge
  • WELL Badge

What is the Declare 2.0 Program?

The Declare 2.0 Program is an “ingredients label” for building products, this label lists all the components used in construction goods and is free of harmful chemicals found on the LBC Red List. Plus, a free online database of healthy materials to build project specifications.

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A Holistic Approach To Green Building Through Declare

We help project teams achieve their material ingredient transparency and optimization goals. Download our Declare Reference Guide to see how our Declare products can support you in achieving LEED, WELL, and LBC certification.

  • LEED Certified

    Finelite's Red List Declare (RLD) and Red List Approved labeled products can help contribute to achieving LEED v4 and Material Ingredient Reading Option 1 within LEED v4.1

  • WELL Building Certified

    Finelite's Declare and Red List Approved labeled products can help contribute to achieving various features within the International WELL Building Standard V2 including Enhanced Material Precaution and Material Transparency.

  • Living Building Challenge

    Finelite's products that are Red List Approved (RLA) comply to the Materials Petal Imperative within the Living Building Challenge 4.0 standard.

Finelite Declare 2.0 Product Offerings

When you incorporate Finelite Declare solutions into your building plans, you’re using third-party verified products that are designed with the occupant and environment in mind.

  • LBC Red List Declared

    Products disclose 100% of product ingredients but contain one or more Red List chemicals that are not covered by an existing Exception.

  • LBC Red List Approved

    Products meet the written requirements of the LBC Red List Imperative but with an Exception. The product may contain one or more Red List chemicals if they fall under an existing, published LBC Temporary Exception.

  • LBC Red List Free

    Products disclose 100% of product ingredients and do not contain any Red List chemicals.

Fixture Luminaire Construction Red List Declared* Red List Approved* Red List Free*
E1 Steel Pending Pending
E2 Aluminum Pending Pending
E3 Aluminum Pending
HO4 Aluminum Pending
HP-WG Steel Pending
HP-WS Steel Pending
HP-2 Acoustic Polyester Fiber ✓ **
HP-2 Aluminum Pending
HP-2 Circle Steel Pending
HP-2 WS Steel Pending
HP-4 Aluminum Pending
HP-4 Circle Steel Pending
HP-4 WL Aluminum Pending Pending Pending
HP-6 Aluminum Pending
HPO Aluminum Pending
HPR Steel Pending
HPT Steel Pending
HPW Steel Pending
HPX Aluminum Pending
S11 Steel Pending
S11 MF Steel Pending
S11 MP Steel Pending
S12 Steel Pending
S16 Steel Pending
S17 Steel Pending
S18 Steel Pending
S19 Aluminum Pending

* Available in Signal White, Finelite Black, and Satin Aluminum only.

** HP-2 Acoustic Baffle Unlit is Red List Free.

Due to continuing product improvements, Finelite reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

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