Finelite Introduces Indirect Option for HP-4 Circle

Introducing HP-4 Circle Indirect/Direct

(Union City, CA) March, 2020 - Finelite, Inc., a recognized leader in energy-efficient lighting systems for healthcare, educational, and office environments, is pleased announce the expansion of the High Performance HP-4 Circle Collection with new Indirect Top Glow and Flush options.

Constructed with an extruded aluminum body and utilizing a single-piece seamless direct diffuser, the HP-4 C displays a sophisticated and clean aesthetic. This patented circular LED luminaire gives designers creative flexibility beyond the traditional HP-4 linear lines of light. Combine Circles and linear runs for a unique lighting layout.

Featuring On-Grid™ mounting options and a three-point equidistant vertical suspension system, the HP-4 C can be displayed as a playful arrangement or as singular accent luminaire. Available in nominal diameters of 2’, 3’, and 4’ in Direct Pendant, Indirect/Direct Pendant, Recessed, and Surface Mount.

Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, the HP-4 C allows for access from below to drivers and light engines and is available with Tailored Lighting options.

HP-4 C can be tailored to meet project needs and is available for 20-working-day shipping.


HP-4 C Indirect Pendant Performance Features

Very High Output – 3' Diameter Luminaire

  • Efficacy: 117 lumens per watt

  • Performance: 1828 lumens/foot


Delivering the Finelite Difference

  • 20-working-day shipping

  • 5-year performance based warranty

  • 90% of initial light output at 100,000 hours

  • Dimming standard

  • Replaceable LED light array

  • Shares the same LED technology as our other LED luminaires for consistency across luminaire families