Finelite Introduces Downlight Spread Optic for the HP-2 Family


Delivering A Better Downlight Experience

(Union City, CA) January, 2020 - Finelite, Inc., a recognized leader in energy-efficient lighting systems for offices, educational, and healthcare facilities, is pleased to announce the launch of the new Downlight Spread Optic (DSO) for the award-winning High Performance 2” aperture (HP-2) family.

Finelite designed an innovative DSO optic in 2020 for the popular HP-4 family that greatly expanded the portfolio’s capabilities. The same DSO technology was utilized and integrated into the HP-2 family which features an extruded lens that displays a subtle ribbed appearance providing a wide batwing distribution.

Delivering both glare-free illumination and outstanding performance, this optic provides smooth surface brightness, enhanced task uniformity, and maximum visual comfort. With noticeably wider distributions than standard lambertian, the DSO option allows for fewer and wider spaced luminaires, resulting in reduced installation and luminaire cost.


HP-2 Downlight Spread Optic Performance Features

  • Total light output up to 3273 Lumens per 4’ section

  • Efficacy up to 92 lumens per watt

  • Peak candela value 1199 at 17.5°


Delivering the Finelite Difference

  • 10-working-day shipping

  • 10-year performance based warranty

  • Dimming standard

  • Replaceable LED light array

  • Shares the same LED technology as our other LED luminaires for consistency across luminaire families