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Examining the trends in LED indoor luminaire design - March 2015

Terry Clark joins a discussion regarding indoor LED luminaire design. He discusses the segmentation of the LED-based luminaire market into a lumens-per-watt-focused “white goods” segment and a “tailored lighting” segment that provides custom lengths and complex angles with reduced lead times.

Read the article on the Lightnow blog.

Read the article on the TED magazine web site.

Potential exists for SSL to positively impact health and wellbeing, but science lags - September 2014

Maury Wright interviews Finelite CEO Terry Clark who shares his view of the current state of investigation into human-centric lighting and his opinion that much more rigorous research is needed to uncover and clarify the tangible benefits of specific spectral power distributions.

Read the article on the LEDs magazine web site.

Finelite Wins 2nd Annual Reusable Packaging Associations's Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award - September 23, 2013

By using a variety of reusables for shipping parts and materials between its factory and strategic partners, Finelite achieves significant cost and environmental savings in materials and labor.

Read the press release on RPA's web site.

Read the follow-up article on the Use Reusables web site.

Finelite Sheds Light on Waste Reduction Through Reusable Packaging - August 19, 2013

Using a program to foster employee innovation, the energy-efficient lighting manufacturer began by recycling virtually everything that could be recycled. Then, working with its suppliers, it began finding ways to reduce the amount of waste from the start.

Read the article on the Sustainable Plant web site.

Read the follow-up article on the Environmental Leader web site.

Terry Clark presented at the Strategies in Light conference (SIL) in Santa Clara Convention Center - February 14, 2013

Terry Clark participated in the LED and Lighting Technology Track at the Strategies in Light conference and discussed the challenges faced by manufacturers regarding the testing required to participate in programs like Lighting Facts.

Download Terry Clark's Strategies in Light presentation.

Read LEDs Magazine article reviewing the topic discussed by Mr. Clark and DOE representatives.

Terry Clark speaks about The Future of Lighting at the Pacific Energy Center - February 21, 2012. Hosted by the IES San Francisco chapter.

Terry Clark will talk about the many changes that are currently taking place in the lighting industry and what he sees with respect to The Future of Lighting.

The mission of the IES is to improve the lighted environment by bringing together those with lighting knowledge by translating that knowledge into actions that benefit the public.

Download Terry Clark's Future of Lighting presentation.

Visit the IES SF web site.

Terry Clark speaks at the Silicon Valley Energy Summit at Stanford University - June 29, 2012.

Mr. Clark will be part of a panel discussion called "Efficient Lighting Technologies" talking about the comparisons of LEDs and T8 fluorescent lamps, life-cycle costs, and control strategies.

The Silicon Valley Energy Summit explores best practices, upcoming technologies, government regulation and energy policy.

Download Terry Clark's  Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2012 presentation.

Visit the Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2012 web site.

Architectural Lighting LED magazine interviews Terry Clark about the business of lighting.

Download and read the interview by editor Elizabeth Donoff.

Finelite's commitment to energy efficiency makes front page of San Francisco Chronicle.

The Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program and Finelite led several research studies on energy efficient lighting solutions for schools and offices. The collaboration was very positive. It demonstrated energy savings of at least 50%, influenced best practices, and resulted in products such as ICLS and PLS. While the fate of PIER isn't fully known, Finelite will continue to drive research and innovation for the design community.

Read the San Francisco Chronicle article.

Finelite CEO Terry Clark speaking at DOE sponsored SSL workshop.

Mr. Clark will speak on the important but often misunderstood component of LED luminaire lifetime – color shift. He states: "Look at the warranty. Do you know the manufacturer's firm history? Do you know your sales agent? A good sales agent should represent top quality manufacturers and be there as the customer's first line of support".

Download the second edition of the "LED Luminaire Lifetime: Recommendations for Testing and Reporting."

Download the Press Release

Download the Presentation

U.S. DOE's Ultra Efficient Office Building Uses Finelite LED Products

With the nation watching, the client set the energy-efficiency bar high – 50 percent less energy usage than national codes. Finelite provided the new Research Support Facility with efficient LED task lighting for employee use. Rachel Petro, senior associate and lighting designer at RNL, said her team set up a tabletop test of LED task lights and felt "Finelite was without question the best choice for the Research Support Facility."

Download the Press Release

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LD+A Article "Countdown to Zero"

Straight Talk about sustainable practices for indoor, general purpose lighting

Founder and CEO of Finelite, Terry Clark was asked by San Jose State University's Green Wave auditing program to conduct a seminar on energy efficient lighting design strategies.

Download the presentation

Finelite's Integrated Office Lighting System (IOLS) featured in LD+A Magazine

"Give 'em what they ask for" a feature article in January 2011 issue of LD+A magazine highlights the collaboration between National Grid, a public utility company, and Atelier Ten, an environmental design agency. IOLS was instrumental in helping National Grid achieve energy savings for their headquarters.

Download the LD+A article

Terry Clark presents at the "Transformations in Lighting" conference in San Diego, CA.

Sponsored by the US Department of Energy, the focus of the workshop is to accelerate technology advances through R&D. The panel looks at novel luminaire concepts as well as new approaches for smart lighting systems.

Download the presentation

For more information on the conference, visit the DOE's website:

Architectural SSL Magazine Profiles Terry Clark's "Straight Talk" LED Presentation

Finelite's Terry Clark presented at the ArchLed 2010 conference and was profiled in the August issue of Architectural SSL magazine.

Download the LED article here

7500 Linear Feet of Series 12-P earns LEED Gold

Rackspace, a leader in the hosting and cloud computing industry, achieves LEED Gold status for its corporate headquarters building in San Antonio, TX. Nearly the entire project is illuminated with Finelite's Series 12-P.

Press Release: Rackspace Achieves LEED Gold Certification for Corporate Headquarters

The Curve by Finelite ranks highest in Next Generation Luminaires™

What does this mean for the lighting designers and specifiers? According to Jim Brodrick and LD+A Magazine, "first and foremost, it means that the judges would recommend the product to other specifiers."

Press Release: The Curve by Finelite Wins Best in Class

Energy Efficient Lighting Takes Top Prize

"Finelite's success shows why California public-private sponsored research and demonstration programs are so important." 

Press Release: California Energy Commission Funds Award-Winning Lighting

Finelite joins Zero Energy Commercial Buildings Consortium 

Finelite is a new Corresponding Member of the Zero Energy Commercial Buildings Consortorium, a group of organizations interested in advancing energy efficient commercial building technologies, practices and policies. The Consortium is working with the United States Department of Energy to develop and deliver technology, policies, and practices to achieve a market transition to Zero Net Energy Commercial Buildings by 2030.

Zero Energy Commercial Buildings Consortium Overview

Net-Zero Energy Commercial Building Initiative

Newly Released IOLS Studies 

Heschong Mahone Group recommends an LED-Task / Low Ambient design approach for any office space. Improve the visual environment, meet corporate goals for energy use reduction, enhance worker satisfaction, and save money.

Ziggurat Building IOLS Case Study

Encon Building IOLS Case Study

Products:  Series 12-ID and Personal Lighting System

Office Projects 

Green Building Resource Center
Houston, TX

- With Finelite's lighting, this LEED Gold project shows the public innovative and easy-to-use energy-efficient technologies.

Product: Personal Lighting System / Series 16

Green Building Resource Center on Facebook

Workstation Lighting: Making Cube Life A Little Less Awful…

- Editorial by Naomi J. Miller, FIES, FIALD, LC published in Illuminate magazine, October 2009.

Product: Personal Lighting System


355 11th Street

New Skin Reveals the Past: A beer warehouse in San Francisco's South of Market…

-  Green Source magazine case study

Product: Series 16

Allsteel Resource Center

Some projects attempting to "go green" have an uphill battle

-  Green Source magazine case study

Product: Series X2-O

IDeAs "Z-Squared"

The first net zero energy, net zero carbon emissions commercial office building…

-  Finelite Success Story

Product: 3-watt PLS Desk Lamp 

              Series X1-R, 1 lamp T8 

 Additional Success Stories


School Projects

Chartwell School

Chasing Net-Zero: A school for students with learning differences reaffirms…

Green Source magazine case study

LEED Platinum
Product: Series 12ID

ASU's Walter Cronkite School Of Journalism

...'newsworthy' design that provides students and faculty a state-of-the-art learning environment.…

Buildings magazine case study

Product: Series 12ID

Sidwell Friends Middle School

Academic Achievement: A school expansion in our nation's capitol…

- Green Source magazine case study

LEED Platinum
Product: Series 14

Lillis Business Complex

First conceived as a small addition to the University of Oregon's Lundquist College…

Green Source magazine case study.

Product: Series 8P 


Stanford's 'Y2E2' 

The Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building…

 -  Finelite Success Story

Product: 6-watt PLS Desk Lamp


              Series 12ID, 3 lamp T8


Other Projects


Downtown Transit Station

Jeffersonian Ideal: In Charlottesville, Wallace Roberts & Todd architects…

-  Green Source magazine case study


Product: Series 5P











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