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Curve, Edge and Reach Personal Lighting System (PLS) delivers the right lighting levels for users of varying ages and functional tasks. Whether it’s a single desk lamp or a combination of desk lamps and undercabinet luminaires controlled by an occupancy sensor, the Personal Lighting System creates a uniformly illuminated workspace while accommodating your needs.



The Curve Desk Lamps deliver 49 lumens per watt, full-range dimming, and a field-replaceable LED module. Meticulously crafted from aluminum with a cast-iron base, Curve is complete with finger-touch adjustment features that allow unsurpassed versatility.



The Edge undercabinet luminaire delivers dimmable, glare-free illumination for a fraction of the energy required by conventional undercabinet luminaires. Available in 10", 22" & 45" lengths, the Edge can be used as a stand-alone unit or joined for continuous runs. 



The Reach desk lamp provides bright, energy-efficient, and long-lasting task lighting. The Reach delivers 49 lumens per watt, full-range dimming, and it is available with a fully adjustable articulated arm in two lengths.


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