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Green Products for Sustainable Office and Classroom Lighting

High performance, environmentally sustainable lighting solutions require a systems-based approach – one that recognizes that the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Finelite has a long history of embarking on key public research partnerships that prove the effectiveness of the systems strategy and consequently drive the evolution of lighting industry standards and products.

Sustainable Office Lighting

But our commitment to sustainability goes way beyond innovative, energy-efficient luminaires:

  • Our environmental business practices are widely recognized.

  • Recycled content is the lynchpin of our supply chain.

  • Lean, local manufacturing keeps costs down and allows for continuous product improvements.

  • All Finelite products are manufactured at our Union City, California, factory, and we are proud to comply with the Buy American Act of 2009.

Yet with all these commitments, we are best known for developing effective and efficient lighting strategies for office lighting and for schools, using beautiful and technologically innovative light fixtures with simple lighting controls. Our research-driven approach to both fixture design and to developing new lighting modes and patterns shows a passion for the human scale aspects of lighting.

No Finelite product expresses this passion like the Personal Lighting System (PLS) line of super-efficient LED task lighting. PLS is controlled by individual users to put visually comfortable illumination exactly where it’s needed. Then only small amounts of light are required for ambient lighting with direct-indirect pendants. Next, carefully illuminating vertical surfaces adds visual comfort and avoids the sleepy, cave-like effect of parabolic troffers.

Finelite’s innovative task with low-ambient lighting approach, called the Integrated Office Lighting System (IOLS) can save half the energy of fluorescent system. The IOLS was developed and then proved effective through a 2007 collaboration with the California Energy Commission (CEC) Public Interest Research (PIER) program. In several field demonstrations of the IOLS, researchers discovered an average 55% energy savings can be achieved.

Built around the PLS LED task-lighting solution, IOLS in a typical office can achieve lighting power densities as low as 0.50 to 0.65 watts per square foot. The research proved that adding a layer of task lighting actually uses fewer materials while saving on initial and operating costs.

School lighting, with its many needs and challenges, led Finelite to cooperate with the CEC on a PIER study of the Finelite Integrated Classroom Lighting System (ICLS) in six California schools. With input from representatives of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), Fintelite provided comfortable, glare-free light from direct-indirect pendants plus simple controls at the front of the classroom to meet the needs of today’s multimedia classroom. Data showed a 30 to 50 percent reduction in energy use, and that teachers preferred the fresh look and flexibility of ICLS by a ratio of 9:1.

The ICLS delivers 35 to 50 fc for intensive desktop work. But by changing lighting modes, teachers can shift visual focus to the whiteboard or an audiovisual presentation using the simple, intuitive controls. The changes in mode calm the students and maintain their mental focus through dynamic shifts in the curriculum.

LED Solutions

Solid state lighting technology has revolutionized the lighting industry with its potential for inventive forms, energy efficiency, and long-lifetime. With its commitment to sustainable lighting, Finelite strives to make sure that the potential is actually achieved in affordable luminaires. Our collection of High Performance Recessed (HPR) luminaires has been beautifully reinvented with the introduction of an innovative mid-power LED light engine. Again, Finelite’s system-based approach has created an optimally sustainable fixture, highly efficient and comprising 89% recycled material. LED light engine, driver, and housing are all carefully integrate for excellent thermal management – ensuring performance over the long term. Our mid-power LED light engine runs so cool that it will deliver over 90% of initial light output at 100,000 hours of operation. Unlike other options that focus on high-brightness LED packages, HPR-LED’s mid-power LEDs are driven gently, at very low currents and are widely spaced over a large area. This architecture ensures glare-free visual comfort along with maximum heat dissipation and long life.

The HPR-LED Luminaire

HPR-LED luminaires for recessed office and school lighting have been tested repeatedly according to IES LM79 and LM80 standards – and beyond. Confidence in HPRLED’s long life and consistent performance led Finelite to offer an industry-leading 10-year warranty – twice the standard for lifetime operating hours. There is no need to sign service contracts or plan for janitorial maintenance for 10 calendar years.Finelite was first to offer a complete family of affordable LED recessed luminaires: 2x4, 2x2, 1x4, 1x2, 1x1, and wall wash fixtures. All these HPR-LED luminaires are available with angled or flat door designs, so decorative elements can shine. Finelite’s dedication to sustainability follows through all the way to end of life. HPR-LED is 89% recyclable and simple instructions are provided online.

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