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Finelite's Environmental Commitment

At Finelite, environmental sustainability is a core principle that goes far beyond energy-efficient lighting products. From lean manufacturing to the way we light our facilities, collaborative efforts with vendors, customers, and employees yield continuous improvements in efficiency throughout the entire supply chain, as well as our design, manufacturing, and operations processes.

Green Operations

Through lean manufacturing and corporate practices, Finelite continually examines ways to eliminate waste. In 2006 we implemented a recycling program, which greatly reduced our landfill contributions. Today, metal, plastics, glass, Styrofoam, e-waste, and wood products are all reused or recycled. We even have a regular Salvation Army pick-up to donate still-useful items.

Including an innovative solution to replace plastic shrink-wrap with reusable transport packaging, the company has reduced overall waste by 84%. We now recycle more tonnage than we landfill. For all these efforts, Finelite was awarded the 2011 StopWaste Partnership Business Efficiency Award.

As a community, Finelite continues to find ways to use resources efficiently. Lean manufacturing examines every detail of our supply chain and assembly operations. From where we source raw components to the consolidation of fabrication and painting operations, Finelite keeps both costs and diesel emissions low by reducing vehicle miles traveled. (By keeping manufacturing local, we are also proud to comply with the Buy American Act of 2009).

Keeping inventories nearby lets assembly operators transport components without using fueled vehicles. Plus, a lean component inventory allows continuous product improvement and fewer wasted parts.

Finelite promotes bike commuting among our employees, and we have installed shower facilities and lockers for these commuters. Finally, we encourage customers to ship products using Job Pack wherever possible, which safely eliminates up to 66% of packaging waste on the jobsite.

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