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lamping and photometry

Series X1-R Luminaire Options

Lamping and Dimensions

Available in 1, 2 or 3 T8, T5 or T5HO lamp cross sections.

3 Shielding Options

White Cross Blade Baffle
White blades with straight edges.

Parabolic Louver
Semi-specular louvers with straight edges.

Perf Shield
White concave shield with round perforations.

Integrated Sensors

Series X1-R can be specified with integrated daylight or occupancy sensors.

Two-Scene Indirect/Direct


Controlled Center Optics (CCO) delivers two distinct lighting modes and is ideal for schools and conference room where audio visual presentations are made.

General Mode

The milti-scene luminaire provides indirect/direct lighting and delivers an average of 35-50 fc to the desk, while evenly illuminating the ceiling and walls.

A/V Mode

The A/V mode directs 100% of light downward to eliminate veiling reflections from projection screens, while directing 10-20 fc to the desk, helping keep students alert and giving them enough light for note taking.

* Applies to SX1-E, O & R

uplight controls

Increased Downlight
Soft Top Optics (STO)

- 96% reflective perforated material
- Use where more downlight is needed with soft gentle uplight.

Totally Direct Optics (TDO)

- 96% reflective solid material
- 100% direct
- Use in applications where maximum downlight is needed

* Applies to SX1-E, O & R

Optional Flexible Mounting Bracket

The flexible mounting bracket adjusts along the entire length of the luminaire to accommodate existing feed points. The unit is captured in the extrusion and adjusts anywhere within 44” of each 48” section.

Optional Surface Mount

Can be directly mounted to the ceiling with the flexible mounting bracket.

The fixture is serviceable from below.

Fixture Lengths

Additional 4’, 8’ or 12’ segments can be added to create runs as long as required.
Flat Endcap adds 0.1" each end.

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