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HP-WS Perimeter Slot Photometry

HP-WS Perimeter Slot
3500K, Very High Output (V)
Total lumens: 3097
Lumens per foot: 774
Lumens per watt: 84

Refer to the tech sheet to calculate lumens for the desired CCT or CRI.

HP-WS Perimeter Slot Options

Dimensions & Light Engine

3000K, 3500K, 4000K

HP-WS Dimensions

Distribution is attained with mid-power LEDs distributed evenly and paired with a precise regressed diffuser.


Tunable White Features
Multiple Control Architectures

Multiple Control Architectures
Finelite’s FineTune™ DMX, qualified DMX, DALI (open and proprietary), or PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Tunable White

Tunable White
Any CCT between 2700K and 6500K with excellent CRI and R9 values; dimming from 100% to 1%.

FineTune System

FineTune™ System
Award-winning control system, which includes intuitive wall mounted controller, power control center, driver, and mobile app to easily tailor lighting to match user preference.


Post-Ceiling Threaded-Rod (TR) Mounting Installation

HP-WS Post-Ceiling Threaded-Rod Mounting

Allows a luminaire to be installed after ceiling framing is complete.

Fully Illuminated 90º Corners

HP-WS Fully Illuminated 90º Corners

Fully illuminated 90º corners with telescoping standard. Refer to tech sheet for telescoping lengths on inside and outside corners.

Straight Runs with Optional Telescoping

HP-WS Straight Runs with Optional Telescoping

Optional telescoping section adds up to 12 inches for a straight run. Telescope section mounts securely to wall.


Threaded Rod (TR) Mounting Location

HP-WS Threaded Rod Mounting Location


Cross Sections

HP-WS Cross Sections


Run Lengths

HP-WS Lengths


90º Inside and Outside Fully Illuminated Corner Measuring Details

90º Inside and Outside Corner Measuring Details


Feed Options

HP-WS Feed Options

Refer to installation instructions for feed hole measurements.

Telescoping (TXL-L or TXL-R)

HP-WS Telescoping

Tapered Optic Standard with 90º Inside Corners

HP-WS Tapered Optic Standard with 90º Corners


Endcap Options

HP-WS Standard Flat Endcap

Standard Flat
(FE-L or FE-R)
Adds 1/8" per endcap to the section length. Spackle Flange version shown, T-Bar available.

HP-WS Standard Flat Endcap Top View

Flat end condition when luminaire terminates at a vertical surface such as a wall.

HP-WS Standard Flat Endcap Cross Section



HP-WS Pocket Slot Endcap

Pocket Slot
(PE-L or PE-R)
Adds 1-1/4" for Spackle Flange and 1" for T-Bar (includes endcap dimension 1/8") per endcap to the housing length on shop drawings. T-Bar version shown, Spackle Flange available.

HP-WS Pocket Slot Endcap Top View

Pocket slot end condition for when slot terminates before meeting additional vertical wall surface.

HP-WS Pocket Slot Endcap Cross Section



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