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HPR-LED EP 2x2 Photometry

3500K, Very High Output (V)
Total lumens: 5871
Lumens per watt: 100.7

Refer to the tech sheet to calculate lumens for the desired CCT or CRI.

HPR-LED: 2x2 EP Specifications


Die-formed 20-gauge cold-rolled steel housing. All components are hard-tooled to tolerances of +/- 0.010". UV stabilized weather-strip pile gasket with polypropylene backing. Hinged door frame assembly provides easy access to light arrays and driver compartment for servicing from below. Seismic brackets are integrated into the luminaire assembly. Additional wire entrances are positioned on the ends of the housing to allow easy wiring access for the installer.


Die-formed 20-gauge cold-rolled steel reflectors are finished in 96LG high reflectance matte white powder coat paint.


Refer to 2x2 S/B and H/V Air Return Tech Sheets for more information. Available with angled (A) and flat (F) luminaire style only.


Components include diffuser panels and a central optic element held in place with a frame constructed from die-formed cold-rolled steel. The diffusers are UV-stabilized and impact-resistant frosted virgin acrylic, 0.120" thick. They are either angled toward the central optic or parallel to the ceiling plane. The standard center rails are approximately 9/16" wide. Optional narrows rails are approximately 5/16" wide.

DOOR STYLE: Curved Slotted (CS) includes perforated rails that slope inward and a diffuse frosted acrylic center optic.

CENTER OPTIC OPTIONS: Only available with Angled (A), Angled Narrow Rail (ANR), and Flat (F) door styles.

Diffuse Center Optic (DCO): UV-stabilized and impactresistant frosted virgin acrylic.

Slotted Center Optic (SCO): Die-formed cold-rolled steel panel with a 1/16" x 1/2" rectangular hole pattern. Virgin acrylic overlay.

Round Center Optic (RCO): Die-formed cold-rolled steel panel with precision-punched 3/32" round hole pattern arranged in staggered formation. Virgin acrylic overlay.


S/B: Two lumen packages available, Standard Output (S) and Boosted Standard Output (B). A separate chart summarizes lumen distribution and wattage. Light engines are replaceable.

H/V: Two lumen packages available. High Output (H), and Very High Output (V). A separate chart summarizes lumen distribution and wattage. Light engines are replaceable.


90% of initial light output (L90) at 100,000+ hours; 70% of initial light output (L70) at 200,000+ hours.


Replaceable 120V/277V Constant Current Reduction dimming driver standard. Can be wired dimming or non-dimming. 0-10V dimming controls with a range of 10%- 100%. Dimming to 1% available; consult factory. Driver is fully accessible from below the ceiling. Power Factor: ≥ 0.9. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 20%.


LUTES1 (Hi-lume 1%EcoSystem with Soft-On, Fade to Black dimming (LDE1 series)); LUTES5 (5-Series 5% EcoSystem (LDE5 Series)), LUT2W (Hi-lume 1% 2-wire, 120V forward phase dimming (LTEA series)); Contact factory for availability of discontinued Lutron drivers, L3DA-3-wire and L3DA EcoSystem.


LUTVDO* (Vive Integral Fixture Module with Occ/Daylight Sensors (DFCSJ-OEM-OCC)); LUTVRF* (Vive Integral Fixture Module, RF only, no sensors (DFCSJ-OEM-RF)); LUTFCJS0 (Vive External POWPAK Module, RF Only, 0-10V driver)); LUTFCJSE (Vive External POWPAK Module, RF Only, all EcoSystem drivers).


Optional emergency to generator/inverter wiring, internal generator transfer switch, nightlight wiring, step-dimming driver, backup battery. Chicago Plenum option. Factory-choice low-profile backup battery available. Bodine BSL722 battery pack also available. Backup batteries deliver 1600 lumens. One half of the 2x2 will be illuminated in emergency mode.


Integrated PIR (Passive Infrared) occupancy and/or daylight sensors available. Refer to Occupancy Sensor and Daylight Sensor tech sheets for more info.


Standard flange design works with most lay-in ceiling types. Integral pry-out tabs secure the luminaire to the ceiling grid from above. Tie-in locations for tie-wire on all corners. Consult local code for appropriate tie-wire recommendations. Drywall Kit available. Surface mount and air return versions available; refer to separate tech sheets.


Housing and door assembly painted with 96 LG high reflectance matte white powder coat paint. Optional adder: Anti-microbial paint. Contact factory.


Optional whips (with flex connectors) supplied in a maximum of 11' lengths. Lead Wires.


Luminaire and electrical components are ETLlisted conforming to UL 916, 1598, 8750, 924 in the U.S.A. and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 205, 250, and 141 in Canada. In accordance with NEC Code 410.73 (G), this luminaire contains an internal driver disconnect. Damp Location. IC-rated. Finelite products use electronic components that are RoHS compliant, and the mechanical components of the luminaire have been verified to not knowingly contain any restricted substances listed per RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.


16 lbs maximum.


10-YEAR WARRANTY: 10-year performance-based warranty on High Output with all standard components. Optional accessories such as emergency battery packs are covered by their individual manufacturer warranties.

5-YEAR WARRANTY: 5-year performance-based warranty on Very High Output with all standard components. Optional accessories such as emergency battery packs are covered by their individual manufacturer warranties.


Refer to the tunable white tech sheet for more information.

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