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HPR-LED EP 2x2 Photometry

3500K, Very High Output (V)
Total lumens: 5871
Lumens per watt: 100.7

Refer to the tech sheet to calculate lumens for the desired CCT or CRI.

HPR-LED: 2x2 EP Options

Light Engine: LED

3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and Tunable White

HPR-LED EP Dimensions and Diffuser

Angled (A) and Flat (F) Total Light Output, 3500K, 80 CRI (Lumens)









S - Standard Output, B - Boosted Standard Output, H - High Output, V - Very High Output

* Family Correlation based on 3500K Very High Output (V) test - 120V.
* Correlation based on ITL report: 85144

Refer to tech sheet for lumen calculations on desired CCT and CRI. Tunable White tech sheets are available.

Tunable White Features
Multiple Control Architectures

Multiple Control Architectures
Finelite’s FineTune™ DMX, qualified DMX, DALI (open and proprietary), or PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Tunable White

Tunable White
Any CCT between 2700K and 6500K with excellent CRI and R9 values; dimming from 100% to 1%.

FineTune System

FineTune™ System
Award-winning control system, which includes intuitive wall mounted controller, power control center, driver, and mobile app to easily tailor lighting to match user preference.


Twice the Uniformity

HPR-EP uses new LED arrays and diffusers to deliver a diffuser that is twice as uniform when compared to standard luminaires.



HPR-EP Dimming

Dimming can increase comfort, efficacy and lumen maintenance, and reduce energy consumption. Downlight dims to 10%. 0-10v dimming standard.


Thermal Management

Mid-powered LEDs allow heat to be fully dissipated without the need for additional heat sinks.

HPR-EP Mid-powered LEDs


Door Styles

HPR is available with side lens panels that are either flat or angled toward the center.

HPR AngledHPR FlatHPR Curved Slotted



HPR Diffuse Center OpticHPR Slotted Center OpticHPR Round Center Optic


Narrow Rail Option

Available in angled door style with the same center optic choices. The optional Narrow Rails are approximately 5/16" wide. The standard center rails are approximately 9/16" wide.

Standard HPR RailAngled Narrow HPR Rail


On-Board Controls

Prewired, factory installed daylight harvesting or occupancy sensors are available. Specify both sensors in one luminaire for extra energy savings.

On-Board Controls


GridLock™ Feature

Housing construction firmly secures luminaire to ceiling grid without additional hardware or tools. Secure to structure per local codes.

GridLock Feature


Ceiling System Information

Ceiling System Information


100% Serviceable From Below

The replaceable light engine and driver are easy to access from below the ceiling.


Wiring Access Detail

Wiring Access Detail


Mounting Options

Mounting Options


Air Return

Designed with discreet air vents to enable efficient air flow through the fixture with no shadows or darkness.

Air Return



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