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HP-4 D Photometry

HP-4 D
3500K, Very High Output (V)
Total lumens: 3705
Lumens per foot: 926
Lumens per watt: 100.1

Refer to the tech sheet to calculate lumens for the desired CCT or CRI.

Direct Options

Tailored Lighting: LED

• Four lumen packages available: Standard (S), Boosted Standard (B), High (H), and Very High (V).
• A separate chart summarizes lumen distribution and wattage. Light engines are replaceable.
• Static White light options at 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CCT.
• Tunable White option for two-source tunable white light between 2700K and 6500K CCT.
• 80+ and 90+ CRI options available.

Refer to tech sheet for lumen calculations on desired CCT and CRI. Tunable White tech sheets are available.

Optical Solutions and Aesthetic Choices

Offering multiple uplight optical solutions with WSO and ASY for maximized design effectiveness and diffusers available in Bottom Glow, 1" Drop Down Lens, Flush, and Regressed for a desired aesthetic.

HP-4 D Flush Downlight Diffuser

Flush Downlight

HP-4 D Bottom Glow Diffuser

Bottom Glow Diffuser

HP-4 D 1-inch Drop Down Lens Diffuser

1" Drop Down Lens

HP-4 D Flat Diffuser with 1-inch Regress

Flat Diffuser with
1" Regress (RG)

Tunable White Features
Multiple Control Architectures

Multiple Control Architectures
Finelite’s FineTune™ DMX, qualified DMX, DALI (open and proprietary), or PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Tunable White

Tunable White
Any CCT between 2700K and 6500K with excellent CRI and R9 values; dimming from 100% to 1%.

FineTune System

FineTune™ System
Award-winning control system, which includes intuitive wall mounted controller, power control center, driver, and mobile app to easily tailor lighting to match user preference.


Direct Dimming

HP-4 D Dimming

Dimming from 100% to 10%, standard; 1% available.

Companion Wall Mount

HP-4 D Companion Wall Mount

Integrate corridors and general illumination into the overall design aesthetic.

Seamless Illumination

HP-4 D Seamless Illumination

Internal secondary diffusers at corners, joints and seams ensure visually seamless, uniform, continuous illumination.


Aesthetic Options

HP-4 Flush Diffuser
Flush Downlight

HP-4 Bottom Glow Diffuser
Bottom Glow Diffuser

HP-4 1-inch Drop Down Lens Diffuser
1" Drop Down Lens

HP-4 1-inch Regressed Diffuser
1" Regressed Diffuser


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