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HP-2 Acoustic Baffle Lit Flush Photometry

HP-2 Acoustic Baffle Lit Flush
3500K, Very High Output
Total lumens: 3215
Lumens per watt: 87

HP-2 Acoustic Baffle Lit Regressed Photometry

HP-2 Acoustic Baffle Lit Regressed
HP2-P RG-D-V-835-F
3500K, Very High Output
Total lumens: 2887
Lumens per watt: 79

Refer to the tech sheet to calculate lumens for the desired CCT or CRI.


Baffle Lit Specifications


CONSTRUCTION: Lighting luminaire body is precision-cut 6061-T6 extruded aluminum. Internal joiner system, plug-together wiring are standard. Acoustic housing is 100% Polyester fiber, joined with double-coated tape and adhesive.

LENGTHS: Independent sections available in 4' and 8' lengths. Acoustic housing walls are 1/2" thick and add 1" to total length.



LIGHT OUTPUT: Four lumen packages available, Standard (S), Boosted Standard (B), High (H), and Very High (V). A separate chart summarizes lumen distribution and wattage. For Tailored Outputs outside of range from Standard (S) to Very High (V), consult factory. Light engines are replaceable.



DOWNLIGHT OPTION: 8' maximum diffuser length. Flush (F) frost white snap-in diffuser, standard; 73% transmissive, 99% diffusion. Internal secondary diffusers at corners ensure visually seamless, uniform, continuous illumination. Available with Flush (F), Bottom Glow (BG), 1" Drop Down Lens (DL), White Cross Blade Baffle (WCB) 1, Hollowed Ellipse Louver (LHE) 1, Hex Louver (LHC) 1, and Regressed downlight diffusers (RG) 1. 1" Drop Down Lens made of highly efficient acrylic. Available with a solid endcap or an endcap with a diffuse filler to continue the luminous aesthetic.

LUMEN MAINTENANCE: 90% of initial light output (L90) at 100,000+ hours; 70% of initial light output (L70) at 200,000+ hours.

REFLECTORS: Die-formed 20-gauge cold-rolled steel reflectors finished in 96LG High Reflectance white powder coat paint.



STATIC WHITE FEED: 18-gauge/5-conductor single-circuit feed, standard. 14-gauge feed used when luminaire current exceeds 5 amps.

TUNABLE WHITE FEED: Standard with one 18-gauge/5-conductor single-circuit feed. 14-gauge feed used when luminaire current exceeds 5 amps. DMX and power feed at same location (standard). DMX feeds cannot be cut or spliced. DMX feeds should be ordered based on fixed lengths.

STATIC WHITE DRIVER: Replaceable 120V, 277V, and 347V constant current reduction dimming driver standard. Can be wired dimming or non-dimming. 0-10V dimming controls with a range of 100% - 10%. Dimming to 1% available; Consult factory. Driver is fully accessible from below the ceiling.

– Power Factor: ≥ 0.9
– Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <20%
– Expected driver lifetime: 100,000 hours

– LUTES1 (Hi-lume 1% EcoSystem with Soft-On, Fade-to-Black dimming (LDE1 series))
– LUTES5 (5-Series 5% EcoSystem (LDE5 Series))
– LUT2W (Hi-lume 1% 2-wire, 120V forward phase dimming (LTEA series)).

TUNABLE WHITE DRIVER: Replaceable LED driver. Driver is accessible from below the ceiling. 120V, 277V, and 347V.
– Power factor ≥0.9
– Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <20%
– Dimming Range: 100% - 10%
– Expected driver lifetime: 100,000 hours
– FineTune DMX is 1%

LUTRON TUNABLE WHITE DRIVER OPTION: LUTDTW (1% T-Series 2-Channel Digital Tunable White (PSQ Series)).



HANGING HARDWARE: 50" Fully Adjustable (FA) steel-plated aircraft cable with safety stop hardware standard. Contact factory for additional lengths up to 150". The Flexible Mounting Bracket (FM) adjusts the suspension points to accommodate existing architecture. Suspension points adjust up to 2' in from the end of 8' luminaire and up to 1' in on a 4' luminaire.

TUNABLE WHITE DMX HANGING HARDWARE: For grid ceiling applications the dual GridBox™ mounting is supplied (standard). For hard ceiling applications the ceiling mounting box is supplied (standard). DMX feeds cannot be cut or spliced. DMX feeds should be ordered based on fixed lengths. Available DMX pendant feed lengths are 5' (standard), 12', and 30'.

TUNABLE WHITE DMX INTERCONNECTION CABLES: Luminaires are pre-wired with plug-and-play interconnection cables to support easy plug-together joining of luminaire runs. If a non-FineTune DMX system is specified, a DMX to RJ45 adapter is provided.



ENDCAPS: Flat diecast aluminum endcaps add 1/4" to each end of luminaire. 1" Drop Down Lens Endcap (DE) includes diffuse element to continue luminance of drop lens. Open Endcap (OE) is for use with the Hollowed Ellipse Louver (LHE); following the curve of the louver

EMERGENCY STYLE: Optional emergency to generator/inverter wiring, internal generator transfer switch, nightlight wiring, step-dimming driver, backup battery. Factory choice low-profile backup battery available. 8' minimum luminaire length for low profile battery pack. Bodine BSL310LP battery pack also available, 4' minimum luminaire length. Backup batteries deliver 1608 lumens. Half of a 4' (one side) section will be illuminated in EM mode.

– TW Driver Options 0-10V: EM/GEN, GTD, or Battery Back-up
– FineTune DMX: EM/GEN or Battery Back-up
– DMX: Battery Back-up
– DALI: EM/GEN, GTD, or Battery Back-up
– LUTRON: EM/GEN, GTD, or Battery Back-up

Consult Finelite for Generator Transfer Device and Battery Back-up fit

INTEGRATED SENSORS: Integrated PIR (Passive Infrared) occupancy or daylight sensors available with Flush and Bottom Glow downlight diffusers. Refer to Occupancy Sensor and Daylight Sensor tech sheets for more info.

FINISHES: Finelite Signal White (SW) powder coat, standard. Finelite Black (RAL 9005) with semi gloss fine texture (FB)*, Satin Aluminum (SA)*, and 185 RAL colors* are available. * 20 Business day lead time for color

LABELS: Luminaire and electrical components are ETL-listed conforming to UL 1598 in the U.S.A. and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 250.0 in Canada. In accordance with NEC Code 410.130 (G), this luminaire contains an internal driver disconnect. UL 924 and UL 2108 - PoE options available on request, contact factory for more details. These luminaires are rated for Damp Location. Finelite products use electronic components that are RoHS compliant, and the mechanical components of the luminaire have been verified to not knowingly contain any restricted substances listed per RoHS Directive 2015/863. Consult factory for tailored lighting options.



NRC: Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is measured at six frequencies: 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1,000Hz, 2,000Hz, and 4,000 Hz expressed to the nearest integral multiple of 0.05. Per-unit apparent NRC) up to 1.15.

HEIGHTS: Housing Heights of 8" and 12" available. All heights are compatible with both Direct and Direct Regressed Luminaire Type.

COLORS: Pewter (PEW) and Slate (SLA), standard. 18 Extended color options available. Consult factory for extended acoustic housing color options. 20 Business day lead time for color.

WEIGHT: Excludes Battery Back-up and Generator Transfer Device weight
– 4' x 8" 11.9 lbs
– 4' x 12" 13.4 lbs
– 8' x 8" 23.2 lbs
– 8' x 12" 25.7 lbs

WARRANTY: 10-year performance-based warranty on all standard components. Optional accessories such as emergency battery packs are covered by their individual manufacturer warranties.


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