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lamping and photometry

Series 14 - Luminaire Options


1 or 2 T8 lamps.

1, 2, or 3 T5 or T5HO lamps.


The height of the fixture body is 0.75”, width 8.0”. The overall height to the top of the reflector is 2.0”.

Integrated Sensors

Series 14 can be specified with integrated daylight or occupancy sensors.

mounting options

Standard Semi-Adjustable Adjustable Support
Semi-adjustable aircraft cables are available in 8 standard lengths. Aircraft cables hook into fixture. Turn the support cable to level the fixture. Tighten the top lock nut to complete installation.

Optional Adjustable Support
Fully adjustable aircraft cable simplifies installations on variable ceiling heights. Cable length can vary from 6” to 150”. Depress the head of the fitting to allow continuous adjustment of the cable length.

shielding options

Available with three distinct shielding options including a diffuse center optic (DCO), white cross blade baffle (WCB), concave perforated shield (CP), and concave square perforated shield (CS). Each option is finished in 96% reflective white paint for maximum efficiency and durability.

optical systems

Choose from three optical systems: AA with aluminum side reflectors, EP for extended performance with the addition of fully specular side kick reflectors, and WSO, Wide Spread Optic which distributes light at a wider distribution - perfect for low ceiling applications.

fixture lengths

Modular section lengths of 4’0” and 8’0” can be combined to make runs as long as required.

Extended endcap adds 2.5” at each end.
Optional flat endcap adds 0.1” at each end.

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