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S12 LED WM-2E Photometry

3500K, Very High Output (V)
Total lumens: 4624
Lumens per foot: 1156
Lumens per watt: 124.3

Series 12 LED Wall Mount 2 Engine Options

Dimensions and Light Engine

Uplight and Downlight Controls
Replaceable light engines with mid-power LEDs to provide excellent distribution for the uplight and downlight.

Tunable White Features
Multiple Control Architectures

Multiple Control Architectures
Finelite’s FineTune™ DMX, qualified DMX, DALI (open and proprietary), or PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Tunable White

Tunable White
Any CCT between 2700K and 6500K with excellent CRI and R9 values; dimming from 100% to 1%.

FineTune System

FineTune™ System
Award-winning control system, which includes intuitive wall mounted controller, power control center, driver, and mobile app to easily tailor lighting to match user preference.


Optic Options
S12 LED Wall Mount 2E Open Optic


S12 LED Wall Mount 2E Frosted Top Optic

Frosted Top Optic (FTO)

S12 LED 2E Wall Mount Clear Top Optic

Clear Top Optic (CTO)


Shielding Options

Series 12 LED DCO

Diffuse Center Optic (DCO)

Series 12 LED WCB

White Cross Baffle (WCB)

Series 12 LED PLV

Parabolic Louver (PLV)


Four Lumen Packages

Available in four outputs.


The uplight and downlight can be dimmed together or seperately. 0-10v controls with a range of 100-10%. Dimming to 1% available.



Series 12 LED Standard flat endcap
Standard flat endcap

Series 12 LED Die-cast endcap
Optional die-cast curved endcap.


Complementary Wall Mounts

S12 LED Wall Surface Mount

Surface Mount

S12 LED Wall Standoff Mount

Standoff Mount

S12 LED Wall Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket


Ease of Installation

Ease of Installation
Joiner plates and plug-together wiring make long runs easy to assemble.

Mid-Power LEDs

Mid-Power LEDs
Mid-power LEDs run cool. Expected lifetime: L90 at 100,000+ hours, L70 at 200,000+ hours.


Fixture Lengths

Modular section lengths offer standard 4’0”,  and 8’0” support spacing that aligns with grid ceiling systems.

Additional 4’ or 8’ segments can be added to create runs as long as required.

Flat Endcap adds 0.1” each end.
Curved Endcap adds 5.0” each end.


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