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lamping and photometry

Series 12-ID Luminaire Options


1, 2 or 3 T8, T5 or T5HO.


Integrated Sensors

Series 12-ID can be specified with integrated daylight or occupancy sensors.


Diffuse Center Optic.


White Curved Performated Baffle.


Semi-specular Parabolic Louver.



Standard flat endcap or optional die-cast curved endcap.


WSO-wide spread optics for 1T5HO

Special wide spread reflector on 1T5HO cross sections gives extended distribution and is especially effective in lower ceiling areas.


Uplight Controls

Controlled Center Optics (CCO)
Covers the center lamp, making it 100% direct. Use dual switching for bi-directional control. Turn side lamps off for tightly controlled centered downlight, or turn the side lamps on and the center off for indirect/direct. Especially suitable for classrooms and energy conscious areas.


Soft Top Optics (STO)
Diffuses and softens the uplight with a perforated covering above the lamps. STO is helpful in applications where less light is desired on the ceiling and more direct downlight is needed.


Totally Direct Optics (TDO)
Covers all the lamps making the light reflect downward for a 100% direct fixture.


Fixture Lengths

Modular section lengths offer standard 4’0”,  and 8’0” support spacing that aligns with grid ceiling systems.

Additional 4’ or 8’ segments can be added to create runs as long as required.

Flat Endcap adds 0.1” each end.
Curved Endcap adds 5.0” each end.



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