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PLS Overview

Lighting offices and other spaces from the task up is vital to achieving energy savings of 50% or greater. The Personal Lighting System uses LED technology to deliver the right lighting levels for users of varying ages and functional tasks. Combine desk lamps and undercabinet luminaires to create a uniformly illuminated workspace.

The System Approach Makes Task Lighting Personal

With PLS you aren’t constrained to a single solution. Tailor the task lighting to meet the needs of your application. Whether it’s a single desk lamp or a combination of desk lamps and undercabinet luminaires controlled by an occupancy sensor, the Personal Lighting System can accommodate your needs.

Curve Desk Lamp

Curve Desk Lamp

The Curve by Finelite™ delivers 49 lumens per watt, full range dimming, and a field-replaceable LED module. This bold design combines pure architectural form with high-performance LED lighting. Meticulously crafted from aluminum with a cast-iron base, this state-of-the-art desk lamp is complete with finger-touch adjustment features that allow the user unsurpassed versatility.

Reach Desk Lamp

Reach Desk LampBuy Reach LED

The Reach by Finelite™ delivers up to 49 lumens per watt, full range dimming, a field-replaceable LED module, and choice of two head designs and arm lengths.

Edge Undercabinet

Edge Undercabinet

At only 0.85 inches tall and 1.9 inches wide, Edge by Finelite™ LED Undercabinet fixtures fit seamlessly under binder bins, overhead cabinets, and shelving, illuminating vertical textures while bathing task surfaces in evenly distributed light. Available in 10", 22" & 45", they can be used individually or joined with plug-and-play simplicity.


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