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Selecting Your Personal Lighting System

You decide how to make PLS personal.  Here are a few examples of common layouts using Edge Undercabinet and the Curve Desk Lamp.


(2) 22" Edge
(1) 21 w Power Supply

Download this layout (PDF, 2 MB)
Download Edge Tech Sheet (PDF, 1 MB)


(1) 22" Edge
(1) Curve Desk Lamp
(1) 21 w Power Supply

Download this layout (PDF, 2 MB)
Download Curve & Edge Tech Sheet
(PDF, 7 MB)


(1) Curve Desk Lamp
(1) 8 w Power Supply

Download this layout (PDF, 500 KB)
Download Curve Tech Sheet (PDF, 5 MB)

Illumination Coverage

Uniform illumination of the task area results in a more comfortable and productive work environment. The optical design of Curve and Reach desk lamps and Edge undercabinent luminaires ensures the LED technology delivers widespread, even illumination.


Curve and Reach

Curve and Reach deliver a forward throw beam over a wide area.

Initial illuminance values in footcandles calculated using LM-79 photometric report. Lamp head is 16" above desk surface at full light output.

Download Curve Photometry (ZIP, 400 KB)
Download Reach Photometry (ZIP, 2 MB)

Finelite's Curve Illumination coverage
Finelite's Reach Illumination coverage


Superior lateral throw provides proper illumination over a wide area. Typically a 22" Edge can provide adequate illumination over a 4' wide area.

A 6-watt PLS LED Undercabinet luminaire provides the correct amount of illumination to light horizontal work surfaces and tasks, creating vertical brightness and eliminating shadows.

Download Edge Photometry (ZIP, 50 KB)



Finelite's LED Edge Undercabinet illumination
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