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Daylight and occupancy sensors are easy to include in your room or facility design. Here are some common applications:

Private Office

Integrated Sensors in Private Offices

Occupancy sensors don’t leave energy saving to chance. Remembering to turn the lights off
isn’t always on the agenda. With occupancy sensors energy savings are maximized.


Using occupancy sensors in corridors makes sense when your application has arterial spaces subject to irregular or infrequent occupancy.

Dimming the lights presents a significant opportunity to reduce energy consumption.

Open Office

Finelite custom wires your project so placing sensors at the end of rows to respond to daylight
from windows is easy and results in affordable energy savings.

Integrated Sensors in Open Offices


Daylight sensors reduce energy consumption and enhance visual comfort in the learning environment.
Occupancy sensors turn off the lights when the school day is over. And both integrate easily into the Finelite
Integrated Classroom Lighting System, giving teachers complete control over the lit environment.

Integrated Sensors in Classrooms

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