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Overview Experience Designing Installing Energy Savings

    - Enhances the
    learning environment

    - Meets LEED & CHPS

    - Reduces operating

    - Is easy to install,
    maintain, and control

Integrated Classroom Lighting System (ICLS) - Lighting Solutions for Today's High Performance Classroom

Schools are an investment in the lives of our children. High performance classrooms are healthy, energy-efficient environments where teachers can teach effectively and students can develop to their fullest potential. ICLS is an important component of this changing environment.


Changing Classroom

Today’s classroom is a visual environment that demands a new way of illumination.

Audiovisual Mode

A/V presentations are the norm.
Streaming videos, presentations, and on-line lessons are commonplace in today's classroom requiring an Audiovisual lighting mode to maximize their impact.


The whiteboard is an important communication tool in the classroom and we must improve the visibility of written text from all areas of the classroom. Include a whiteboard luminaire in every classroom.

New Technology

Students continue to shift to the laptop and other video displays. These important tools need a glare-free environment to maximize their effectiveness.

ICLS patent #7,215,088


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