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Overview Experience Designing Installing Energy Savings

    - Enhances the
    learning environment

    - Meets LEED & CHPS

    - Reduces operating

    - Is easy to install,
    maintain, and control

Installing ICLS

Finelite products install faster and easier
than traditional lighting products. Our
luminaires arrive on site fully assembled
with all the necessary hanging hardware.
The ICLS system uses robust plug and play
components with patented technology to
reduce the number of electrical connection
required by the contractor, making it an
affordable classroom solution.


Component Review

Power Control Center

The Power Control Center (PCC) is pre-wired at the factory making installation quick and easy. The PCC takes line voltage from building power and then carries power to, and communicates with ICLS system components. This robust unit is constructed of heavy duty 16-guage steel, is easy to install and maintain, and is built to last the life of the installation.

Plug and Play Wiring

Plenum rated low voltage plug and play wiring is used to connect the PCC to the TCC and sensors. Plug and play wiring is provided by Finelite for each job.


Easy to Install Luminaires

Finelite luminaires arrive on site fully assembled and pre-wired. They incorporate many labor-saving elements, including On-Grid® mounting, plug together wiring, and our exclusive Gridbox®.


Finelite’s exclusive Gridbox is the first electrical box that enables indirect lighting to be mounted On-Grid and meet all national codes.

Patented #7,374,057.


(click to download)


Refer to the ICLS contractor guide for a detailed review of the installation steps for the Integrated Classroom Lighting System.

ICLS patent #7,215,088

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