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Overview Experience Designing Installing Energy Savings

    - Enhances the
    learning environment

    - Meets LEED & CHPS

    - Reduces operating

    - Is easy to install,
    maintain, and control

Experience ICLS

The Integrated Classroom Lighting System (ICLS) provides the right environment
for teachers to focus on student engagement.


Simple Effective Lighting Modes

General Mode
Provides recommended light levels and illuminates ceilings and walls.
A/V Mode
Ensures presentations are clearly visible while providing enough light for proper classroom communication.
Focus Mode
Light can focus attention. A/V Mode combined with the whiteboard luminaire results in a calming environment where attention is focused on the whiteboard.


Achieving Audiovisual Mode

CCO Switching

CCO Switching

Center Controlled Optics (CCO) switching uses a 3T8 luminaire with the center lamp isolated by highly reflective optics. During A/V mode the center lamp is illuminated and the outboard lamps are turned off, resulting in excellent screen contrast and ample light for note taking and classroom communication.

2T8 Switching

2T8 Switching

This system uses a 2T8 luminaire and is wired to turn off lamps near the projection screen in addition to an entire row of lamps in each luminaire to achieve an A/V Mode that is affordable and sustainable.

2T8 Dimming

2T8 Dimming

This system gives the instructor the ultimate in control over the lighting levels for a modest increase in cost and energy consumption.

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