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Overview Experience Designing Installing Energy Savings

    - Enhances the
    learning environment

    - Meets LEED & CHPS

    - Reduces operating

    - Is easy to install,
    maintain, and control

Energy Efficient High Performance Classroom Lighting

Typically, lighting accounts for 30-40% of today’s utility expenses in educational facilities. ICLS uses proven technology to reduce consumption by combining the right lighting design with controls and improved system functionality.

52% Savings

Research* shows ICLS
results in a 52% savings in
energy consumption compared
to national averages.


* Detailed information on
the NYSERDA Classroom
Demonstration Project,
including classroom templates,
can be found on the ICLS
Overview tab in the download bar.

Best Practices

ICLS meets CHPS, LEED and ASHRAE requirements and helps projects earn
maximum energy performance points.

Energy performance points
are based on whole school
performance. ICLS delivers
dramatic savings specifically
for the classroom.

Achieving Energy Savings

Design – Improved lamp technology and luminaire design means fewer luminaires are required to illuminate a high performance classroom.

A/V Mode – The A/V Mode provides
the right environment for today’s
teaching methodology and cuts energy
consumption in half. Savings increase
as A/V presentations are used more.

Controls at the front of the classroom ensure the system is used
frequently and thus savings are realized. Research shows that
controls need to be accessible in order to realize maximum savings.

ICLS patent #7,215,088

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