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FineTune® Tailored Control System (TCS) is a state-of-the-art lighting and control solution designed with user input and validated by research. TCS is a powerful and highly customizable system that puts a new level of layered control in the hands of the user to enhance the learning environment.

FineTune® Tailored Control System

TCS is a simple, scalable, and complete controls system that is out-of-the-box ready for static white or tunable white. Commission free and plug-n-play ready for 0-10V or DMX and features an intuitive control station with research driven factory preset scenes along with specification grade low voltage switches all backed by a single-source warranty.

0-10V Layer Pack

0-10V Layer Packs

Out-of-the-box ready for static white or tunable white and features a BUS system design that allows communication amongst all connected devices.

0-10V Layer Pack Tech Sheet

FMX Layer Pack

FMX Layer Packs

A proprietary version of DMX that Finelite utilizes to achieve smooth transitions and ultra granular dimming for static white and tunable white.

FMX Layer Pack Tech Sheet

TCS Control Station

Control Stations

Each Control Station can individually control two to four intensity zones, as well as, control the color of all the zones if Tunable White is specified.

Control Stations Tech Sheet

Daylight Controls

Daylight Controls

A Daylight Sensor Pack is used when a space is required to utilize available daylight to reduce the light levels either by code or by user preference.

Daylight Controls Tech Sheet

Legrand LS-301*

* Downloads from the Legrand website.

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy Sensors

Utilize the latest PIR technology and integrate Occupancy Sensors to reduce energy consumption.

Legrand DT-305 Tech Sheet*

Legrand CI-305 Tech Sheet*

Legrand DT-205 Tech Sheet*

Legrand DW-100-24 Tech Sheet*

Legrand PW-100-24 Tech Sheet*

* Downloads from the Legrand website.


Local and Master Switches

Easily control intensity, color, and on/off functions with a variety of specification grade low voltage Local and Master Dimmer Switches.

Local and Master Switches Tech Sheet

Mobile App

Mobile App

Powerful mobile app for more granular control to create, copy, and repeat named spaces. Schedule hours of operation, fine-tune settings, and create performance schedules with tunable white transitions that supports daylight and wellness schedules.

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Mobile App Instructions



TCS Brochure (PDF, 4MB)

TCS Technical Guide (PDF, 5MB)

TCS Presentation (PDF, 8MB)

Tech Sheets

0-10V Layer Pack (PDF, 1MB)

FMX Layer Pack (PDF, 800KB)

Control Stations (PDF, 2MB)

Daylight Controls (PDF, 1MB)

Local and Master Switches (PDF, 2MB)

Legrand DT-305 Sensors (PDF, 500KB)

Legrand CI-305 Sensors (PDF, 600KB)

Legrand DT-205 Sensors (PDF, 300KB)

Legrand DW-100-24 Sensors
(PDF, 400KB)

Legrand PW-100-24 Sensors
(PDF, 200KB)


Department of Energy (DOE)
Final Report
(PDF, 400KB)

DOE Whitepaper Recap (PDF, 2MB)


0-10V Layer Pack (PDF, 2MB)

FMX Layer Pack (PDF, 2MKB)

Control Stations (PDF, 2MB)

Daylight Sensor Pack (PDF, 2MB)

Local and Master Switches (PDF, 1MB)

Tool Kits

FineTune Bluebeam TCS Toolkit
(Bluebeam Revu, 2MB)

FineTune AutoCAD TCS Toolkit
(AutoCAD, 200KB)

CAD Files

0-10V Single Zone Wiring Diagrams
(AutoCAD, 800KB)

0-10V Two Zone Wiring Diagrams
(AutoCAD, 4MB)

FMX Single Zone Wiring Diagrams
(AutoCAD, 500KB)

FMX Two Zone Wiring Diagrams
(AutoCAD, 800KB)

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