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Curve by Finelite
High Performance Wall
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Environmental Product Summary:

Edge by Finelite Sustainability Pie Charts

You may know that Edge is made of steel, aluminum, zinc, electronics and plastic. Did you know that 84% of that content is made from recycled material? We don’t stop there – at the end of its useful life, Edge is 84% recyclable.

Download Edge Recycle Instructions


Edge – a vital team player.

Edge can be a standalone luminaire, or act in concert as a vital component to our Integrated Office Lighting System (IOLS). Either way, you’ll reduce your office energy consumption by 56% (compared to national standards).


Task / Ambient Design.

Achieving results is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. First, light the desk surface.
One lamp can light virtually your entire work surface.

2. Now do your walls.
Wash the vertical surfaces for more balance.

3. Fill in with ambient lighting at 0.4 w/ft2.
Now all your illumination levels are met, creating a pleasant inviting ambience.





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