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Outstanding Illumination Coverage

This diagram shows how the forward throw beam from a single Curve by Finelite™
desk lamp proves ample coverage for an entire task area.

Note: Lamp head is 16" above desk surface at full light output.

Thermal Management

Curve by Finelite™ unique shape is designed to dissipate heat, ensuring a longer life.

Proper thermal management is vital to the long life of LED luminaires and the
desk lamp design pulls heat away from the circuit board and LEDs. From the internal
heat transfer pads to a head designed to radiate heat away, Curve by Finelite™ will continue to
perform over its life.

Performance Testing

Energy Star qualifiedFinelite wants you to be sure your lighting product performs as promised.

We've joined a voluntary program that offers industry standardized performance
measurements. Sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE), we are a
manufacturer partner of SSL Quality Advocates. Members pledge to use the
Lighting Facts® label, similiar to a nutrition label, and are committed to supporting
continuous improvement of SSL product quality.

External Link Visit Lighting Facts website for more information.

Finelite stands for quality - backed by IES LM-79-08 Testing

Finelite utilizes an independent test laboratory to conduct LM-79 tests.
LM-79 uses absolute photometry where the entire system is tested and provides
light output as well as electrical and spectral measurements of the system.

Download the LM-79-08 report now.

IES LM-80-08 Data Estimates Long Life for Curve by Finelite™ Desk Lamp

IES LM-80-08 test data determines how well a LED source maintains its lumen output
over its life. By providing Cree with thermal performance and drive current, Cree is
able to predict the life rating (L70) for Curve. An L70 life rating is the number of
hours an LED luminaire will maintain at least 70% of its initial lumens and Cree has
determined the L70 rating for Curve is 100,000 hours.

Download the LM-80-08 report now




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