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Our Vision: Finelite enhances peoples lives and the environment through better lighting.

Our Values:

It is our belief that to achieve distinction in today's competitive marketplace, every individual must concentrate on the important issues with as much focus and intensity as possible. In this way, the Finelite team achieves personal and corporate excellence. At Finelite, every employee is called to action:

  • Provide Superior Customer Service: Settle for nothing less than 100 percent customer satisfaction. Serve your customer as if he or she is your best friend.
  • Foster Innovation: Continual innovation must be pursued and implemented. New ways of doing business must be developed to bring our customers superior support and solutions as they grow in sophistication and experience.
  • Deliver Quality: Take pride in giving your best effort to your customers. Identify potential problems and solve them before they have a chance to become problems for your customer.
  • Show Respect for People: Respect for people provides the foundation for the integrity that should guide our every action. Pursue this every day and you will gain excellence in one of the most important areas of life and business.
  • Take Individual Initiative: Get things done. Try lots of small experiments. See what works and do it again. Find out why other things didn't work, make changes, then experiment again.
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